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Potty Training and Constipation

Wow! It really has been a long time since I have updated this site. In the past several months, I have been completely swamped with work, parenting, school, etc. I always have a full plate of responsibilities and have had to allocate my time to other things that are more important. I am sure most parents would understand this. Unfortunately, my blog has once again taken a backseat to other more important items on my agenda. However, I do plan to keep this site going as I plan to continue to discuss my adventures into parenting and whatever else it is I do in life.

With that said, these past few months have brought forth a few more complications with Oliver. Of course, the problem of not eating is still apparent but it is getting better. With the help of his therapist, he has been able to overcome some of his obstacles and is now eating a little more foods than before. Previously, he would only eat crunchy foods like chips and of course Oreos. In the time sense, we have been able to expose his taste buds to chicken fries, thanks to a good suggestion from my mother-in-law. Oliver will now ask for these and will voluntarily eat 3-5 of them in one sitting. However he still wants to eat his Oreos at the end of the meal, but we use them as a reward now and he only gets them if he eats his chicken fries or something else that isn’t a cookie. This reward system doesn’t always work because he will refuse to eat anything at all so it’s difficult to deny him a cookie when he won’t eat anything else. We don’t cave in easily, especially Nikki, but some meal times prove harder than others. None-the-less, we will keep trying to expose him to try new foods and try new methods. Eventually, I think he will become curious of what we are eating and want to try it. Until then, we will just keep trying.

Since we have made some headway in his feeding, we decided to begin potty training. We didn’t have high hopes at first, but getting him familiar with the potty was our intention at the time. He actually did pretty well at first, but then a major problem occurred. Oliver has always struggled with severe constipation, and this problem became even more serious shortly after we began the potty training. There was about a month where the problem became severe enough that we took him to the doctor, on more than one occasion, because he had gone extended periods of time without passing any stool. These periods of time were about four to seven days long and his abdomen would become hard, we could tell he was uncomfortable, he couldn’t sleep at night, and the Miralax that we had been giving him was obviously not working, even at high dosages. We were repeatedly advised to follow a strict Miralax and water routine, but frustrations only increase when this routine failed. Eventually he did pass something, and when he did, it was like a poop bomb went off. It was pretty much awful so I will spare the details!

Even though we never gave up on the potty training, the sever constipation became a cycle that really hindered progress with potty training. To this day, constipation is still a major problem for him, but a steady flow of Miralax and water seems to have regulated him to some extent. According to his doctor, his colon has expanded to a point where he will need a steady flow of Miralax, to prevent any withholdings in order to shrink his colon back down to a normal size. If anyone is wondering, we did ask the doctor about other methods and other medications to help with this problem, but it was advised to stay with water and Miralax because nothing else is safe for such a small child. I wish there was something else we could do, but it’s difficult when he won’t eat. I am really hoping this is a problem that becomes less severe as time goes on. We will have to keep trying new foods and new techniques to get him to eat. I really think getting him to eat, like a normal developing child, will be the key to solving some of the issues he has had.


Surviving The Holidays

Well, we have officially made into the 2014 New Year.  The past few months have been busy for us, which is why I have once again neglected my blog.  As much as I would like to update the blog once a week, it doesn’t seem to happen.  Since the last time I wrote, we have had a few holidays and of course, holidays bring our family together for fun times.

He had a doctor’s appointment on his Birthday and they wanted him dress up in his costume.

This was Oliver’s third Halloween and like the previous two Halloween’s, we had a debate over what he should dress up as.  After looking through the Party City advertisement, I chose a Business Man outfit, which came complete with a cool hat! This costume was a great choice because it was a one-piece outfit, not including the hat, which made it simple to get it on and off.  Also, Oliver was a hit with the neighbors as we walked around and got his candy.  We knew he wouldn’t eat the candy but we were not about to pass up the opportunity to wear him down so we could all get a good night sleep.  Fortunately, the plan worked!  We ended the night on a high note with a ton a candy and worn out kid.  Consequently, we all got a full night’s sleep!  Halloween 2013 was definitely a success!

After Halloween came Thanksgiving!  This Thanksgiving was a low-key event but still a great time spent with family.  We usually do one Thanksgiving dinner with Nikki’s family and one Thanksgiving dinner with my family.  This way, we get to spend quality time with our parents and both sets of Oliver’s grandparents.  This thanksgiving, my parents chose to travel out of state so instead of doing dinner with them, we met them for breakfast at Cracker Barrel on their way out of town.  None-the-less, great times were had.

Christmas 2013

This Christmas was a fun holiday because Oliver was old enough to have a basic understanding of what was happening around him.  Like thanksgiving, we usually have two different dinners and gift opening sessions with grandparents, but then we have breakfast and a gift opening sessions here at our home on Christmas morning.  So, needless to say, Oliver makes out like a bandit on Christmas.  This year, Oliver got a ton of gifts including “Choo Choos” (trains), Planes, a bicycle, a tricycle, a Cozy Coupe, a kiddy Potty, and a lot of other gifts.  Even now that Christmas has come and gone, Oliver is still getting gifts from family and friends.

The holidays are definitely a time we cherish with our families. I am sure Oliver will continue to rake in the gifts as each Christmas passes, but of course, it is the time we spend with our families that really matters.  We are thankful for good times we had through the holidays and the time we spent with our families, but I am glad they are over.  I don’t think my bank account can handle another Christmas for a while.  So, here is to surviving the holidays and taking on the challenges the New Year brings.


Cyproheptadine And The Beneficial Side Effect

Now that Oliver has turned two years old, it was time for his well child check up.  Since Oliver’s first appoint happened to be on Halloween of 2011, we have made it a tradition that Oliver sees his pediatrician on Halloween.  The doctor and her crew dress up each year and really go all out for the kids.  This year, they dressed up as the cast of Alice in Wonderland and they had some great costumes too.

With all funny business aside, the appointment went really well.  After several months of stagnant weight gain, I am pleased to report that Oliver has gained roughly two pounds in the past six weeks.  I credit the weight gain to the medication we decided to start him on called Cyproheptadine.

Cracker Barrel Rocking Chairs

Cracker Barrel Rocking Chairs

For those unfamiliar with this medication, this is a medication similar to Benadryl and other antihistamines.  Oliver does not have any allergies, at least not that we know of, but the side effect to this medication is induced hunger, which is perfect for Oliver’s scenario.

This medication has cause Oliver to eat a higher volume of foods.  Oliver primarily eats crunchy textured foods with an emphasis on Oreos and other cookies.  We both agree that this really is not the most nutritional diet for him, but at this point, we just want him to eat, even if it is only Oreos.  Before the medication, he did eat the cookies, but with the medication, he has begun to eat more of them as well be a little more open to trying other foods.  Needless to say we are pleased thus far with the results.

Part of me has that “if only I knew” feeling because The pediatrician actually recommended this medication a while back.  However, at the time, we were still doing the various medical tests and were reluctant to put him on any medication that he did not need.  However, as time progressed and the pediatrician recommended this medication again, we embraced the opportunity because we had tried just about everything else and were running out of options.  We were kind of like, “Why not?  We have tried everything else.”

Molecular Structure of Cyproheptadine

Molecular Structure of Cyproheptadine

Oliver has been on the medication for roughly six weeks and has gained two pounds.  This is a huge weight gain for him as was going months without any fluctuation in his weight.  He was twenty pounds for about six months, so any weight gain in a short amount of time is substantial.  Even with only a two-pound weight gain, he is already starting to fill out a little bit.  He is beginning to get some roundness in his face and is getting those little chunky baby thighs.  I am hoping as time goes on, we will be able to continue the medication and continue to see the weight gain.  Who knew an allergy medication would be the answer.


Photos From The Party

Oliver’s second birthday party took place over the weekend and everything went off without a hitch.  I have made a slide show of some of the photos taken! Thank you to all those who came and thank you to all those who provided him with such wonderful gifts, including those who contributed to his college fund!



2 Years Old Today!

Today is the little monster’s birthday which means he has officially entered the “terrible twos”.  This year’s party theme is Thomas the Tank Engine because the boy loves his “Choo-Choos” as he calls them.  Well, I have a house to clean and a party to get ready for, so I will keep this one short.  I just wanted to give a shout out to my rambunctious little boy Oliver.  Mommy and Daddy love you and we hope you have the best birthday a two-year old can have.  The only thing I ask of you as you turn two, is to go easy on us through the “terrible two” phase because I hear it’s a rough one!

Oliver Loves Trains

Oliver Loves Trains


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